Books to Help You Live Well

Reading can be a wonderful way of engaging with oneself, with relationships and with life. Below I list books across a broad range of themes (e.g., relationships, personal growth, theology, philosophy, etc.), with the shared elements of illustrating truth about the human experience and somehow being helpful in living well. I have included some works of fiction because of the way that good stories can capture our imaginations and help us to grapple with what it means to be human and to be whole.

Please Note: My including a book does not automatically mean that I endorse all aspects of it—just like with people, books are imperfect. With any of these, I encourage you to look for the elements that are helpful, recognizing that you will undoubtedly encounter things you disagree with (just as I have). Also, I have decided to include some books which I have not yet read, but which have been recommended to me by others (e.g., colleagues, clients, etc.). Please do your own research regarding any book that interests you in order to determine if it might be a good fit for you. I intend this list as a starting place, not as something to be blindly followed.

Some books are less (or more) appropriate for certain stages of growth, certain struggles, etc. If you are a Transitions client I invite you to ask me any questions you have regarding particular books during your next counseling session.

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