Compassionate & Hopeful Christian Counseling

Compassion and hope are foundational to how I approach counseling as a Christian therapist. I understand both as a counselor, and also as a fellow human being, that the work of growth and change can be very painful at times. Our brokenness, and the brokenness of life, can sometimes feel overwhelming. The struggle to grow—to become more whole and more oneself—can be challenging regardless of your intellect, the depth of your faith, or whether you profess the Christian faith. But the great beauty and hope of how we are created is that we are capable of change—we do not have to remain stuck!

Compassion & Hope: Unpacking My Christian Perspective (blog post and video)

The Christian narrative leads me to compassion in part through the great love demonstrated in Jesus Christ. He consistently enters into others’ suffering with strength and tenderness in a way that is life changing for all who encounter him. Additionally, I believe we were created for a life that is not broken. And that knowledge—that things are not yet as they are supposed to be—leads to compassion because it helps us understand why things can hurt so much and be so difficult (because we were meant for a world where we would not experience fear and shame, and where we would not hurt, and be hurt by, one another).

But I have great hope because I believe that in Christ’s love for us he has preserved within humanity an amazing capacity for growth and healing (because we are “created in God’s image,” and are precious to him). This Christian belief—that we are each capable of so much more change than we tend to expect—is foundational to my work with all clients. Regardless of whether you are coming from a Christian perspective, be encouraged that central to my Christian faith is the belief that you are never beyond hope—that everyone is capable of growing towards greater peace.

If you are coming from a different faith background, or a context that does not involve faith, please know that I am happy to work with you as you are, and to help you grow and heal. I am glad to work with clients from all faith and non-faith backgrounds, and the discussion of spiritual topics is always at the discretion of each client.

Ways of Incorporating Christian Faith into the Therapy Process

Just as my Christian faith does not require others to share my beliefs, any incorporating of Christian faith, practices, theology, etc. into the therapy process is completely dependent on the wishes of each client. If you are desiring to weave Christian spirituality into your counseling experience, the below examples (drawing from the rich Christian, contemplative traditions of Spiritual Formation / Spiritual Direction) are some of the ways I can help you do that. Please use these as starting points (and not a rigid list) for exploring how you might wish to involve God in your journey of growth and healing in the context of your counseling.

  • God as a Resource
    Engaging and Reflecting on Your Experiences of God
  • Stillness
    Creating Space to Listen for God’s Spirit
  • Inner-Hospitality
    Welcoming All of Our Parts (Especially the Ones We Are Afraid Of)
  • Scripture Reading
    Engaging God’s Redemptive Story Through Active Imagination and Personal Application
  • Prayer
    Being Real with God About Your Brokenness and Your Longings
  • Developing Healthy Community
    Learning to Risk Being Real with Others

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