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View all of the videos from the Ask Sean YouTube Channel and the Transitions Blog, conveniently displayed in chronological order.

Ask Sean YouTube Channel

The Ask Sean YouTube Channel is where I engage with anonymous questions about the challenges of being human and learning to grow, heal and flourish.

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Books to Help You Live Well

In addition to books for individual and relational growth, I include a sampling from a wide variety of disciplines—anything that I think might help a person thrive in some aspect of their life. My listing a book does not mean I agree with all aspects of it—use your own discretion as to whether a particular book seems like a good fit for you.

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Body Sensation List

A list of body sensations, which can be helpful for self-awareness exercises.

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Feeling Word List

A list of feelings words, which can be helpful for self-awareness exercises.

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How to Choose a Counselor

This guide can help you evaluate the quality of the connection you are experiencing with any therapists you are trying out, and how good (or not) of a fit they are for you.

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Muscle Relaxation Audio File

This audio file (contained in the below blog post) is helpful for practicing learning how to help your body relax, and better tuning into what that relaxed feeling is like for you.

Blog Post: Relaxing Your Mind by Relaxing Your Body

Personality Types

Get an overview of each of the 16 types (e.g., INTJ) created by Isabel Briggs Myers, which she derived from the personality theory articulated by Carl Jung. Understanding personality types can help you to better understand yourself and others. If you do not already know your personality type you can find the link to the TypeFinder® Personality Test on the Quizzes page.

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White Noise Machine

White Noise Machines are useful for privacy and sound dampening (e.g., to help with sleep). I also recommend them in conjunction with Distance Counseling.

Blog Post: Helpful Uses for White Noise Machines

Quotes & Such

I love to listen and read broadly, including sources I might not fully agree with. I post content (quotes, podcasts, videos, etc.) in this section from a variety of speakers/authors, but that does not equate to my wholesale endorsement of all aspects of what I post—use your own judgment regarding the shared material as to what feels helpful to you. And if you are a client always feel free to follow up with me at your next counseling session if you have questions about particular content.

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Yoga Resources

In addition to being excellent exercise (for building both strength and increased flexibility), yoga is an great way of becoming more in tune with your body. And being in touch with what you experience in your body can play an important role in emotional healing (because of how the body and the mind are interconnected).

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