Welcome to Transitions Counseling, the private practice of Sean Slevin, LMFT, LPC. I understand firsthand that it takes courage to ask for help, regardless of how intensely stuck (or not) one feels. Wherever you are on the spectrum, you are taking an important step in researching counseling options. And when you feel ready I would love the opportunity to help you achieve the degree of wellness you desire for your life.

As you consider counseling, you may be wondering: “Can counseling really help me? Will I feel comfortable with the counselor? Will the counselor understand me?” Though I hope that my website will be helpful to you, some questions are best answered face-to-face. That is why I offer potential clients a trial session at half-price: so that you can explore firsthand whether I am a good fit for you.

Counseling with Sean

Compassionate & Hopeful Christian Counseling

Compassion and Hope: Unpacking My Christian Perspective (blog post and video)

Coming from a Christian perspective, I have deep compassion for the ways that growth can be difficult and painful at times, and also great hope for each person’s innate ability to change. Additionally I am able to help you to make sense of spiritual aspects of your life (if that is something you wish to incorporate). I am informed by my Christian faith (especially the compassionate life of Jesus), and I also respect others’ views. Clients from all faith and non-faith backgrounds are welcome. The discussion of spiritual topics is always at the discretion of each client.

Quotes About Sean:Sean’s focus on personality types helps his clients to make meaning of a wide variety of individual and relational issues, and it adds a dimension to his work that is unique to the Shenandoah Valley.

Learn more about me and my counseling approach, and explore some of the common counseling topics I address (e.g., grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, anger, addictions, shame, marriage, etc.).

Fee & Health Insurance

My counseling fee is $320 for New Clients , and the first session is half-price (i.e., $160). I do not accept insurance, but I can provide monthly statements if you wish to seek reimbursement from your insurance carrier. Note that using health insurance (directly or indirectly) for counseling requires that you meet the criteria for a mental health diagnosis, which then becomes a permanent part of your medical record. Please explore the FAQ for more details on health insurance reimbursement and alternatives to using health insurance for counseling (e.g., HSAs, FSAs, tax deductions, etc.).

Methods of Payment: I accept Cash, Check or Online Payment (via Venmo, Zelle, etc.). I do not accept credit cards. Consult the FAQ for more details.

Scheduling a Session

You can use the New Client Availability  form to see what my current openings are and to schedule a counseling session when you are ready to do so. I usually see clients Monday - Wednesday. Below are some of my upcoming openings for current/previous clients.

Upcoming Availability:

Contact and Location

I would be happy to answer any questions you might have as you explore whether I might be a good fit for you. The quickest way to reach me is by Email . Please read the FAQ first if you have questions regarding possible job or internship opportunities or for interview requests. When you are ready, you can view my Schedule  and request available times.

Located in Downtown Harrisonburg

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The Transitions Counseling office is located at 250 East Market Street, Suite D, Harrisonburg, VA 22801, next to Burger King, and with on-site parking in the back.
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