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I have a practice of reading broadly, including reading/listening to those I might not fully agree with. I find this helpful, both in understanding myself and my own views, as well as understanding other perspectives. Thus, I may post content (quotes, podcasts, videos, etc.) which I might not wholly agree with, but which I believe to be worth engaging (even if you find yourself holding a different perspective than a given speaker/writer). Listen to your own intuition—I intend this section to be a place of engagement, not as something to be blindly followed.

Additionally, much like with books, some content is less (or more) appropriate for certain stages of growth, certain struggles, etc. If you are a Transitions client I invite you to ask me any questions you have regarding particular content during your next counseling session.

For some of my own writing and videos about life, wellness, counseling, etc. check out the Transitions Blog.

Press Play: TED Radio Hour
Tags: Creativity, Culture, Fun/Play, Growth/Healing, Health, Podcasts, Science

A Summer of Play: Dan Allender
Tags: Christianity, Creativity, Culture, Embodiment, Fun/Play, Growth/Healing, Philosophy, Podcasts, Relationships, Spirituality

Iain McGilchrist and John Cleese on Culture and The Divided Brain
Tags: Cited Books, Creativity, Culture, Philosophy, Podcasts, Science

The True Hard Work of Love and Relationships: Alain de Botton
Tags: Cited Books, Culture, Grief & Loss, Growth/Healing, Philosophy, Podcasts, Relationships

Finding God with the Poetic Imagination: Malcolm Guite
Tags: Christianity, Creativity, Culture, Philosophy, Podcasts, Spirituality

Conversation with Dr. Gabor Maté on Addiction, ADHD and the Body
Tags: Cited Books, Embodiment, Growth/Healing, Podcasts, Science

Head Over Heels
Tags: Art, Fun/Play, Relationships, Videos

Loneliness Is Most Dangerous When It Is Not Recognized, Accepted, and Worked Through Creatively
Tags: Cited Books, Grief & Loss, Growth/Healing, Philosophy, Quotes, Spirituality