Distance Counseling Services
Secure, Online Video Counseling

I provide Distance Counseling services to clients who are not physically present in my office. I utilize a secure, online, web based technology (similar to Skype, but easier to use) in conjunction with webcams to provide two-way, interactive video counseling sessions over the internet. Clients can see and interact with me (and I with them) in real time, as if we were in the same room. This provides a similar experience to in-person counseling in that the client and I can interact with and respond to each other without losing all of the nonverbal pieces of communication (both visual and auditory) that account for the bulk of relational interactions.

Benefits & Limitations

One of the most important reasons for pursuing Distance Counseling (or online counseling) is that it gives you more counselors to choose from. Personal growth occurs most effectively in the context of safe relationships where we feel known and accepted for who we are, as we are. This is especially true of the counseling relationship. And thus working with a counselor whom you experience as able to walk alongside you, accepting you while also helping you achieve new levels of growth, is so incredibly important. That is why I offer all of my clients the 1st session at half-price—so that you have a lower-cost opportunity to explore if I am the right fit for you.

Though I believe that Distance Counseling can provide multiple benefits to clients, that does not mean it is the best fit for everyone or every situation. As you evaluate if Distance Counseling (and counseling with me in particular) might be a good fit for you, I hope that the below lists of benefits and limitations of Distance Counseling can be helpful to you in your decision making process.


  • Greater Potential for Finding a Good Fit
  • Comfort from Increased Privacy/Distance
  • Greater Convenience in Scheduling (due to lack of travel time)
  • Cost Savings from Less Travel


  • Not Identical to In-Person Experience (though very close)
  • Different Logistical Requirements
  • Different Potential for Interruptions
  • Less Suitable for Some Counseling Needs
    (I primarily serve adult individual clients via Distance Counseling; I do not usually see couples, adolescents or children via video sessions.)

If you are newly considering Distance Counseling (or online counseling) you may benefit from reading the fuller descriptions of Distance Counseling Limitations in order to help you decide if Distance Counseling is a good fit for you. Additionally, I encourage everyone to read through the Logistical Requirements of Distance Counseling prior to scheduling your 1st session. That page covers details of online counseling such as webcams, headphones and where to mail session payment to.

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You can also get to know me better by visiting the About Sean section, as well as perusing the Transitions Blog. You will find answers to many questions (e.g., fees session length, etc.) on the FAQ. Please Email  me any other questions you have.