The 16 Personality Types

Isabel Briggs Myers derived the 16 types from the personality theory articulated by Carl Jung. Each of the 16 types is made up of 4 parts: Introversion/Extraversion, iNtuition/Sensing, Feeling/Thinking, Perceiving/Judging. How they combine together is what makes up the uniquness of each type (e.g., ENTP).

Learning about each of the personality types can help you to better understand yourself and others. And if you do not already know your personality type you can consider taking the helpful TypeFinder® Personality Test on

INFP, The Healer INFJ, The Counselor ENFJ, The Teacher ENFP, The Champion INTJ, The Mastermind ENTJ, The Commander ENTP, The Visionary INTP, The Architect ESFJ, The Provider ESFP, The Performer ISFJ, The Protector ISFP, The Composer ESTJ, The Supervisor ESTP, The Dynamo ISTJ, The Inspector ISTP, The Craftsman

Images courtesy (used with permission).