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Grief and loss can be very challenging to work through, especially in isolation. Pain and sadness can become overwhelming when we do not know how to work through these intense emotions. The fact that you are reaching out for help is very significant. Some part of you recognizes both that you are feeling stuck, and that you need help from outside of you in order to move forward. This actually speaks to an important truth about all forms of grief, pain and loss—we cannot work through these emotions if we are disconnected from safe, compassionate relationships where we feel known and cared for.

Safe Relationships Help Us Learn to Grieve Well (blog post and video)

We can experience loss regarding all sorts of things, from big to seemingly little. And what feels “big” or “little” varies from person to person. The relative size of a loss, of something we need to grieve, does not change its importance or value—it only changes the emotional intensity involved. So regardless of whether you are grappling with something that feels insurmountably huge, or with a quiet, wordless sadness that you just cannot seem to shake--whatever the nature of your pain, I would be honored to walk alongside you and help you learn to work through your grief so that you can experience peace.

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