Anxiety Counseling

We are capable of feeling anxious about most anything. And our anxiety can vary significantly in intensity and scope: Anxiety can be focused on just one area of life (and so perhaps only occasionally triggers fear), or broadly affect many areas of your life with a feeling that you can never seem to escape from. No matter the particulars, anxiety at its core is this sense that you will not be able to survive (emotionally and/or physically) the outcome of what you fear. As a result, anxiety can make you feel small, powerless and alone, and the more you try to avoid it (or the things that trigger your fears) the stronger the anxiety gets and the more it takes over your life.

Anxiety (like most emotional struggles) is something that cannot be overcome in isolation—relational connection is fundamental to building the emotional muscles of working through fear and anxiety. Thus I am glad you are exploring counseling, and I would be honored to walk alongside you and help you take back your life from your fear.

Anxiety & Fear Resources

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