Couple Checkup Relationship Assessment

The Couple Checkup is a very useful relationship assessment tool that can help you catch areas where growth is needed, before they become painful problems for you and your partner. Learn more about the Couple Checkup and PREPARE/ENRICH (on which it is based), or proceed below to begin the assessment.

Note: It appears that you are using a small-screen device (perhaps a phone or tablet). The Couple Checkup is embedded below, but it cannot dynamically adjust to small screens the way the rest of the Transitions Counseling website does. If part of the assessment is not visible, try using your device in Landscape orientation. Additionally, you may have a better experience on a touch-enabled device by going directly to the Couple Checkup, outside of the Transitions website (instead of using the assessment embedded below).

If the Couple Checkup does not load please try a different browser. If you have technical difficulties and are unable to contact PREPARE/ENRICH (the creators of Couple Checkup), you can revisit the Couple Checkup page for information on how I might be able to help you.