The Couple Checkup

The Couple Checkup and PREPARE / ENRICH are both designed to help couples (dating, premarital and married) identify and address potential growth areas before they become significant struggles. Both relationship assessments cost the same (you make payment directly within each assessment), and both are based on the same underlying questions. Both also include a free, downloadable workbook (after completing the assessment).

Giving Your Relationship A Periodic “Checkup”

While the PREPARE/ENRICH requires a trained Facilitator (such as myself) to interpret the results, the Couple Checkup has been simplified to remove that requirement. This does mean that the Couple Checkup is not as thorough or in-depth as the PREPARE/ENRICH. But the reduction in complexity makes the Couple Checkup an excellent tool for periodically assessing on your own how your relationship is doing (without needing to schedule a counseling session with a PREPARE/ENRICH Facilitator).

We can all appreciate the value of periodic checkups (e.g., your annual doctor’s visit, getting your car tuned up, etc.). The Couple Checkup makes it easy to do the same for your relationship with your partner. How often you take the assessment is up to you and your partner, but it is convenient (and affordable) enough that once or twice a year is worth considering. And if the assessment results bring to light anything that you or your partner want help processing you can always schedule a counseling session, and I will be happy to help you address those growth areas.

Taking the Couple Checkup

If you decide that the Couple Checkup is the right fit for you, please proceed to the Couple Checkup Relationship Assessment.

Technical Considerations

The Couple Checkup is provided by PREPARE/ENRICH (the company). I have partnered with them to offer the Couple Checkup embedded within the Transitions Counseling website (at the above link). However, if you are browsing on a mobile device the Couple Checkup should detect that and automatically direct you to the non-embedded version (outside of the Transitions website). Additionally, if you have any technical problems with the Couple Checkup, please contact PREPARE/ENRICH directly (via the Couple Checkup) for assistance. If you are unable to reach them (e.g., the Couple Checkup is completely inaccessible) feel free to use my Website Bugs ¤ form to ask me for help, and I will do what I can to assist you (in which case, please be as thorough as possible in your description of the problem).