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A Summer of Play: Dan Allender
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Dan and Becky Allender dive into a podcast series all about the nature of play—what it is, why it matters, and how we go about pursuing it in a world that so often refuses to take it seriously.

In part 2 of this series on the beauty and necessity of play, Dan and Becky Allender wrestle with some of the obstacles and demands that often keep us from engaging play, or that relegate it to an afterthought or addendum to the rest of our lives. Becky and Dan share that, amid the concerns of marriage, raising a family, and Dan’s busy work schedule, this has not always come naturally in their relationship. Like it does for so many others, play often felt superfluous, like a bonus activity you might get to once all the more important things are covered.

In part 3 Dan and Becky Allender this series on play by suggesting that intentional, deep play is a window into a deeper engagement with the rest of our lives—and a more vibrant connection to God.

Concluding this podcast series on the beauty and necessity of play, Dan Allender is joined by good friend, Russ Teubner, to talk about the playful work of curating beauty in surprising, creative ways. Russ is a software developer and business owner, and he also launched a unique event venue called Backstage in Stillwater, OK—a beautiful gathering space accented by unique art and grounded in the history of its location.

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