Technical Acknowledgments

While the Transitions site is designed, built and maintained by myself (Sean Slevin) I am nonetheless indebted to other creative minds. In the past I have acknowledged the various sources of code, programming insights and inspirations in the context of the code of the Transitions website where other programmers would naturally look. I have moved all of those acknowledgments to the page you are now viewing as part of an effort to clean up and minify code.

Most of the below are governed by their own terms and/or licences. Items on this page which not governed by their own terms are likely subject to the terms of the Transitions website (see the License page for more details). Please respect these terms and the terms of all other content creators.

Items which I am no longer using (but have left here as an acknowledgment) are struck-through.

Website Design and Layout

I was originally inspired by Dave Shea’s “Costal Breeze” example.

JavaScript, CSS, PHP, etc.

I have been inspired by and/or made use of the following:

Images, Web Fonts, Audio, etc.