Associates of Transitions

My associates (on this page) are professional colleagues with whom I am closely connected. In addition to sharing office space (here at the Transitions office) we share similar beliefs, values and goals regarding our desire to better the world through counseling and psychology. In addition to what we share in common, we also each bring our own uniqueness (both in our personality mixes and in our areas of focus).

Logistically, each person below provides their services here at the Transitions office, but they each function as independent practitioners. This means that each person sets their own fee and policies, so be sure to check with whomever you are wishing to work with regarding those details (for example, the Transitions FAQ only applies to clients working with me—Sean Slevin—and not to clients working with my associates).

Dr. Phil Wickline, Ph.D.

Please note that Dr. Wickline only provides assessment and testing services. Though he is therapeutic in his approach, he does not provide counseling services. If your primary interest is in counseling I recommend that you schedule a trial session with myself (Sean Slevin) to explore whether a more formal assessment is necessary or not. The Assessments page may also clarify some questions regarding assessment and testing.

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