Associates of Transitions

My associates (on this page) share office space here at the Transitions office. In most cases they each function as independent practitioners. This means that each person sets their own fee and policies, so be sure to check with whomever you are wishing to work with regarding those details (for example, the Transitions FAQ only applies to clients working with me—Sean Slevin—and not to clients working with my associates). Though we each bring our own uniqueness (in our personality mixes, counseling approaches, and areas of focus), we have a shared desire to better the world through counseling and psychology.

Former Counseling Residents Practicing Elsewhere

As is common in the healthcare field, a Residency/Apprenticeship under a more experienced counselor is a required part of a counselor’s professional development. Below are Former Counseling Residents who have completed their Residency, attained licensure and are now practicing elsewhere (my philosophy when supervising Residents is always to help them launch out on their own).

Travis Kessell
Licensed Professional Counselor

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