Travis Kessell
Licensed Professional Counselor

I am happy to work with children as young as 10-years-old, teenagers, and adults of any age. I find my best work is with men looking to make the changes they want in order to live in their relationships more fully. I offer a place where men of all walks can engage their emotional spaces and explore how manhood shapes their lives.

No matter who I am working with, I welcome discussion of all matters and respect the views of my clients. All aspects of life can be important to therapy, though the inclusion of such aspects as spirituality will always be at the discretion of each client.

I have been in the Harrisonburg area since mid-2018 after completing my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in Lynchburg, VA. When not working with people to encourage growth and hope, I spend my time reading authors like C. S. Lewis and Ernest Hemingway, figuring out how to best brew coffee, and running trails in the Valley.

Travis has completed his Counseling Residency at Transitions, and has now started his own private practice here in Harrisonburg. You can contact Travis below with any questions (e.g., fee, insurance, availability, etc.).

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As is common in the healthcare field, a Residency/Apprenticeship under a more experienced counselor is a required part of a counselor’s professional development. Before beginning Residency counselors have already completed their academic training and have logged the requisite experiential hours providing counseling services. Counseling Residents meet regularly with their Supervisor (Sean Slevin) who oversees and supports their work with clients. Each Resident sets their own fee and policies, so be sure to check with whomever you are wishing to work with regarding those details. The Associates page explains this further.