Individual, Couple and Family Counseling Topics

The below are some of the kinds of issues I offer counseling for. While these topics do represent what many think of when they think of counseling (and I do help many people with these kinds of struggles), I believe people are more complex (and more important) than particular labels or symptoms. In other words, I do not define people by their struggles, but rather seek to help them define themselves by who they truly are (i.e., a person of value, with certain personality characteristics, and a variety of strengths and weaknesses). So rather than being something that defines a person, I think that lists like the below are best treated as a starting point for beginning to make sense of where one is at, as part of discovering where it is one wishes to go.

Individual Topics Relational Topics
Assessment & Testing Assessment & Testing
Depression Personality Differences
Anxiety Communication
Anger Marital Conflict
Loneliness Broken Trust
Shame Forgiveness
Abuse Divorce/Remarriage
Trauma Premarital
Grief & Loss Marriage Enrichment
Aging Parenting
Life Transitions Peer Conflicts
Stress Family Conflicts
Work, Career, Vocation Boundaries
Coaching-Focused Counseling Death of Loved One
Pornography Codependency
Sexual Concerns
Low Self-Esteem
Eating Disorders
Addictions & Compulsive Behaviors
Biblical Guidance
Spiritual Development

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