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Why You Should Face Your Triggers Instead of Avoiding Them

Why You Should Face Your Triggers Instead of Avoiding Them

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It is a common, understandable response to want to pull back when something is painful. Yet if we allow this response to become too dominant in us our life will increasingly shrink as more and more experiences become too much for us to bear. On the other hand simply trying to force ourselves to do hard things can often lead to emotionally over-extending ourselves (and then swinging back into some form of withdrawal). What we need is sufficient support and guidance to help us press into the hard things enough such that we are building our emotional muscles and increasingly living fuller lives. Additionally, our triggers are actually shining a light on places in us that need more growth and healing. And we owe it to ourselves, and every wounded part inside of us, to not self-abandon through persistent avoidance, but rather to find the courage to keep moving toward these places such that we might grow into true peace and joy.

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