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Mother Wounds: When Mothers Need Their Sons to Be “Strong”

Mother Wounds: When Mothers Need Their Sons to Be “Strong”

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We all have places in our story where we have not had everything we needed psychologically/emotionally/relationally. And yet, whether we are the parent or the adult child, we must work to take responsibility (without shame) for our mistakes in order that we might heal our past and change our future. In this video I explore some dynamics between mothers and sons, particularly regarding when a mother has a psychological need for her son to be “strong” for her in certain ways, related to her own wounds and unmet needs. This is a topic which I feel could be many separate videos due to the myriad nuances and sensitive areas, all worthy of deeper exploration and attention. If there are any parts you would like to hear me expound upon or clarify please consider sending in an anonymous question referencing this video.

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