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Reviewing the Apollo Neuro Touch Therapy Wearable

Reviewing the Apollo Neuro Touch Therapy Wearable

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The Apollo Neuro is a wearable device that provides a kind of touch therapy to help aid your nervous system (particularly for calming it down, but it is also useful for facilitating states of ready alertness and presence). (Note that it is not a fitness tracker.) I came across the Apollo Neuro on a podcast and was curious/intrigued enough to try it out for myself, and when I was nearing the end of their 30-day free return period I found myself wanting to continue using it daily (which I have been doing now for ~3 months, as of this video). For me the effect has been subtle, but helpful enough to feel worth using multiple times a day (particularly for sleep). I also have coincidentally (i.e., without my knowledge or intervention) had a counseling client use it as an aid in their working at better soothing their nervous system, and they report that the Apollo Neuro has been very helpful to them (such that they use it pretty much all day, every day). I find these potential therapeutic benefits very intriguing and will be monitoring if/how any other counseling clients decide to try out the Apollo Neuro and to what degree they find it helpful. There are no magic fixes in life, and only you can decide if the Apollo Neuro feels worth trying out. But if you do give it a try I recommend thinking about it as a potential way to enhance, or boost, your efforts at better regulating your nervous system. This device cannot do the work for you, but it may be able to help you go further with the growing edges in your life. The below affiliate link should give you a decent discount if you decide to purchase one:

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