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Is Singleness or a Relationship Better for Personal Growth?

Is Singleness or a Relationship Better for Personal Growth?

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If you are someone who values your growth and healing you may wonder whether being in a relationship or being single would be more conducive to the growth process. A variation on this would be the idea that one should wait until they have “worked through all their stuff” before entering a relationship. Now, it absolutely is true that inner-work you do prior to a relationship can better prepare you for (but not preclude!) the challenges of being in a relationship. But ultimately the invitation to all of us is to grow and heal in whatever context we find ourselves. So whether you are single or in a relationship, do the painful work of facing the hard things coming up for you in order that you can learn to find true joy and peace in your current context. Singleness and relationship are equally valid, challenging and rich paths—seek to be faithful to your growth journey wherever you are.

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