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We Must Learn to Ground Ourselves in the Present Moment
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No Man Is an Island, by Thomas Merton
The cares and preoccupations of life draw us away from ourselves. As long as we give ourselves to these things, our minds are not at home. They are drawn out of their own reality into the illusion to which they tend. They let go of the actuality which they have and which they are, in order to follow a flock of possibilities. But possibilities have wings, and our minds must take flight from themselves in order to follow them into the sky. If we live with possibilities we are exiles from the present which is given us by God to be our own, homeless and displaced in a future or a past which are not ours because they are always beyond our reach. The present is our right place, and we can lay hands on whatever it offers us. Recollection is the only thing that can give us the power to do so.

No Man Is an Island, by Thomas Merton

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