Feeling Word List (Scared Word List)

  • Overview

    Learning how to put your feelings into words can be very helpful in knowing yourself better and as an aid to working through places where you are stuck. The below list is a useful tool for helping you to identify your feelings.
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    • Click/Tap on a Feeling word to “star” (*) that word. This is useful for when you are wanting to record what Feelings are prominent at that moment.
    • A () symbol indicates words which appear in multiple lists.
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    • If you wish to print the entire list you can download the print-friendly Feeling Word List PDF.

Scared (return link)

  • afraid
  • anxious
  • apprehensive
  • awed
  • cautious
  • chicken
  • edgy
  • fearful
  • frightened
  • hesitant
  • horrified
  • insecure
  • intimidated
  • jumpy
  • lonely
  • nervous
  • panicky(ed)
  • shaky
  • tense
  • terrified
  • threatened
  • timid
  • uneasy
  • unsure
  • worried

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A List of Your Selections


Feeling Words Source: The Art of Helping, Eigth Edition, by Robert Carkhuff.