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I’ve Put My Schedule Online (October 13, 2012)

You no longer have to e-mail me to see what times I have available–You can now simply visit the Counselor Availability  page to see all of my open session times for any day listed on the calendar! I know that sometimes you just want to be able to see what the possibilities are before you’ve decided whether you want to schedule a session. And being able to explore the various options can help you know within yourself how much you are wanting and/or are ready to schedule a session. I also know that some of my clients are limited to afternoon/evening availability and so I have made it easy for you to highlight dates on the calendar that have some of those times open. I hope that publishing my availability on the website will be very helpful to all of my clients and potential clients. Let me know (via the Website Bugs ¤ form) if you encounter any issues using the Counselor Availability  form, including if you have suggestions for ways to make it more useful, easier to understand, etc.

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