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Influencing Teen Driving Behavior

November 18, 2009 by Sean Slevin — Intended Audience: ,

Driving FastThere are two informative studies in the October issue of Pediatrics that reveal: the effects that some parenting styles can have on teen driving safety, as well as the increased risk associated with teens having a vehicle of which they are the primary driver.

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Study Finds that Predictable, Required Time Off Reaps Big Benefits

October 19, 2009 by Sean Slevin — Intended Audience:

I recently came across an article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that makes for an interesting follow-up to my post last month about the importance and difficulty of Sabbath rest. The article looks at a study published this October in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) that found that backing away from the intense, always working, 24/7 way of life yields measurable improvements in not just work quality and output but also in employee satisfaction.

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Review: Report on ADHD

September 8, 2009 by Sean Slevin — Intended Audience: ,

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder is one of the more common psychological diagnoses for children. Some estimate that 8-10% of school aged children are affected by ADHD. Thus if you are regularly involved with children you probably have interacted with children that are diagnosed with ADHD. If you are a parent you may have wondered, or had the question raised by others, as to whether your child could be diagnosable as having ADHD. This of course raises even more questions, such as: How can you tell if your child might have ADHD? What are some considerations for selecting a doctor to diagnose and treat your child? What are some of the medications available for ADHD? These questions are all addressed in a thorough and relatively reader friendly report available for download from Consumer Reports (CR) (links to the report are in the footnotes).

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The Art of Stopping

September 1, 2009 by Sean Slevin — Intended Audience: ,

Stop sign with a blue sky backgroundAs I’ve grown in my own awareness in the past few days of my need for a vacation I have been reflecting once again on the faith involved in choosing to cease from one’s labors for a season. Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, the act of taking a break from one’s labors (and/or other kinds of ceasing) can be inherently scary–whether it be for 10 minutes or 10 days.

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Internet-Based Insomnia Treatment

July 7, 2009 by Sean Slevin — Intended Audience:

I recently came across an Associated Press (AP) article about an internet-based treatment for insomnia that is apparently netting promising results in an initial study that has just been published in the Archives of General Psychiatry.

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Doodling, Dishes and the Brain

June 18, 2009 by Sean Slevin — Intended Audience:

Digital Paintbrush Doodle, made with ArtRage on a Tablet PCA while ago I came across a fascinating piece on National Public Radio (NPR) about how doodling actually helps the brain to pay better attention (as opposed to the common assumption that it signals that the individual has completely “checked out”). This certainly fits with my experience, not just with doodling, but in other settings like doing the dishes or driving.

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Sleeping Pill Ad Critique: Rozerem

June 3, 2009 by Sean Slevin — Intended Audience:

Consumer Reports AdWatch has an informative critique of a Rozerem sleeping pill ad, along with some good suggestions for alternative ways of improving sleep (link to the video is in the footnote).

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Types, Temperaments and Personalities–Oh My!

May 22, 2009 by Sean Slevin — Intended Audience:

Lions, Tigers and Bears, Tin Woodman, Dorothy and Scarecrow from the Wizard of OzWorking to make sense out of our own personality and the personalities of those around us can be very helpful. Let’s face it–people are complicated! And with an array of personality, type and temperament instruments available it can be just as daunting to decide on which model to use as it can be to figure out how to understand someone you care about. In this post I’ll share some of my journey down the road of types, personalities and temperaments.

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Downtown Harrisonburg and Birds

May 14, 2009 by Sean Slevin — Intended Audience:

Bird, Finch, at bird feeder outside windowI am enjoying being back in downtown Harrisonburg.  I had lived downtown for several years after college.  I have many fond memories of walks around various parts of downtown and the adjoining neighborhoods.  So though I don’t live downtown anymore, I am excited about having my office here.

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