Does an Affair Mean the End of the Marriage?

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Video Does an Affair Mean the End of the Marriage

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Infidelity is devastating to a marriage–the hurt, loss, confusion and anger take their toll. But an affair does not automatically mean the end of the relationship. If both parties want to repair and rebuild the marriage, then it is possible to do so. And the couple can actually end up with a healthier, stronger relationship than they had previously.1

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This video, from a WHSV interview2 from late-April, touches on a number of aspects regarding couples experiencing infidelity:

  • Does an affair mean the end of the marriage (i.e., Can couple’s repair the relationship)?3
  • Can couples come out the other side of infidelity with a stronger, healthier relationship than they had before?
  • The important role of learning to grieve healthily in order to repair relational breaches (and the ways in which we don’t naturally know how to do this in our culture).
  • The fantasy dynamic and drug-like effect of an affair.
  • Instances where a relationship can be destroyed by an affair.
  • Countering stereotypes regarding who supposedly cheats more (men or women)–Being prone to having an affair is probably more driven by unresolved wounding (often from prior to the current relationship) than by gender.

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Obviously, there is much more to be explored beyond what I touch on in this video. Relational infidelity is messy and painful, both when you’re in the midst of it, and when you’re trying to pick up the pieces of your relationship and find a path toward healing. If you do not already have someone walking with you and your partner, I encourage you to reach out for help–you do not have to face these challenges alone!


  1. This is due to how the affair prompts a reevaluation of the whole relationship, which usually leads to addressing issues individually, and relationally, that have been ignored and have been inhibiting the couple’s growth. My previous video Knowing When You Need to Address an Issue is pertinent here. 
  2. Avery Powell at WHSV was exploring the topic of infidelity in relation to Beyonce’s new album “Lemonade,” which apparently touches on that theme. 
  3. Related Video: Can Relationships Be Repaired (and When Is It Too Late)? 

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