Why Do We Fight About the Little Things?

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Series: Exploring Conflict in Relationships (2013 Interview)
  1. Why Do We Fight About the Little Things?
  2. How Can Couples Prepare for Future Conflicts?
  3. Knowing When You Need to Address an Issue
  4. Can Relationships Be Repaired (and When Is It Too Late)?
  5. Advice for Newlyweds: Don’t Forget Who You Are
Video Why Do We Fight About the Little Things

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Sometimes we have conflicts with those close to us (especially our partner) that seem disproportionate to the actual circumstances (e.g, an intense fight about the TV remote). We might wonder about our self and/or our partner, “Why is this such a big deal?” And we might be tempted to minimize things because we don’t (yet) understand what is going on (with us and/or our partner). However, if we’re fighting about it, then something is bothering one (or both) of us. The key is learning how to take those fights that seem to be about “nothing” and turn them into opportunities to learn more about the unidentified something that is needing to be worked through.

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