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I recently came across my notes from the Ken Myers lecture from a while back on “Modern Technology in the Lives of our Children”1 and thought I’d share the various resources that he mentioned and as well as some of the themes he emphasized.

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Technology is an important and powerful part of the world today.  In his talk Ken encouraged listeners to think carefully about how they incorporate technology into their lives.  I really appreciated the overall relationship emphasis from Ken’s talk and the ways in which he encouraged flexible engagement over any kind of simplistic do-it-exactly-this-way approach. Here are some paraphrased sound bites from Ken:

  • There is no quick checklist for addressing these issues (regarding technology and its effects on us and those around us). We need to be wise, but not legalistic.2
  • We can’t work on these things alone–we need to be in relationship with others who are also wrestling with these things.
  • Make the technology serve our relationships instead of our relationships ending up serving the technology.
  • A logistical suggestion: Have more shared meals, not just with one’s own family (though that is a very good start), but also periodically with other families.

The various resources Ken mentioned (at least that I could get written down) are below. A word of caution regarding the videos: Ken mentioned that they are intended for adults and some portions deal with topics that are not appropriate for kids to see.


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  2. “Legalistic” is a term used in some Christian circles to refer to the Christian tendency to become rigid in an attempt to bring about positive changes (e.g., recognizing the value of going to bed on time, and so never, ever allowing for exceptions to that rule). 

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