Sleeping Pill Ad Critique: Rozerem

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Consumer Reports AdWatch has an informative critique of a Rozerem sleeping pill ad, along with some good suggestions for alternative ways of improving sleep (link to the video is in the footnote).1

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Here are a few of their suggestions for changes you can make to improve your sleep:

  • Reduce caffeine intake
  • Eliminate alcohol or exercise within 3 hours of bedtime

I would add to that list the following:

  • Eliminate TV viewing and computer usage within at least 1 hour of bedtime2
  • Establish a consistent routine for getting ready for bed3

Beyond logistical, behavioral and chemical (e.g., caffeine) issues that can hinder sleep, relational stress can contribute significantly to sleeplessness and/or troubled sleep. If you are feeling varying degrees of fear and/or shame regarding one or more relationships it can be difficult to get your insides to feel safe enough to relax and sleep peacefully. While some causes and contributors to poor sleep are more behavioral and logistical, relational issues really benefit from safe, person-to-person interaction. This is where trusted friends and family and skilled counselors can be very helpful.


  1. Consumer Reports AdWatch Rozerem Video Link 
  2. Eliminating TV viewing and computer usage within 2 or 3 hours would be better, but for many is not realistic. 
  3. Parents know (or learn) to do this with their children, at least with regards to trying to get them to bed at a consistent time, but also there is often a routine (e.g., bath first, then brush teeth, then story time, then sleep). Our brains are wired to recognize patterns and queue the appropriate responses. If you have a bedtime routine that ultimately culminates in your being in bed, relaxed and ready to doze off your brain can start to recognize when you are part way through your routine and thus will potentially cooperate better with winding down for the night. 

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