About Sean Slevin, LMFT, LPC

A Love of Learning

I love learning, figuring out how things work, and coming up with creative solutions to problems. I have always enjoyed learning the most when it is in a context where I can try out ideas, observe the results and then come up with more ideas to try. When I was a child I wanted to be an “inventor” when I grew up, which was my child’s-mind conceptualization of a scientist who experiments and creates cool things. I have found that as I continue my own journey of growth and healing that the spirit of that dream is very much a part of who I am.

Helping Others Know Themselves

I have become an avid computer programmer (entirely self-taught)—I love figuring out how to make a piece of software (e.g., the Transitions website) work in the ways I want it to. However, in my work with clients, I am not “the programmer”, but rather I enjoy being a guide, helping them to better understand their “programming” and helping them build the necessary muscles to change things in the places they want changed. Since we are all rather complex beings, getting to walk with others in helping them make sense of themselves and why they do the things they do is both a privilege and a pleasure for me.

Reflections On Being Human

My ongoing growth journey of walking through my own challenges and victories, failures and successes, has taught me many important things about myself and about the human experience. I believe that we are not meant to face life alone, and that there does not need to be any shame for making mistakes. After all, our lives are in many ways one experiment after another as we make decisions and try things out based on what makes sense to us at the moment, and then we make adjustments based on the results. I am reminded here of the Thomas Edison quote where he spoke of his failures as simply being his way of learning 10,000 ways the light bulb would not work on his journey of discovering what does work. In a similar way I think our growth and healing is very much a work of perseverance.

Similar to Edison’s experience I have found that there are few “quick fixes” in life, and especially few that result in lasting change. Though I certainly prefer for change to happen quickly (especially during discomfort), if I am going to invest in trying to better something (e.g., improving a piece programming code) I want the improvements to be real. So it feels worth it to spend the extra time trying to fully understand what is working and not working so that I can rebuild things in a better way, starting at the foundation.

I think similarly about human growth and healing. We can feel afraid of doing foundational work on ourselves because we are afraid of facing our brokenness (and it is scary at times). But even though we are all much more wounded and broken than we wish, I believe we are each created with an amazing capacity to grow, change and heal, so much more than we would ever dare to dream were possible for ourselves. In my own journey (and certainly this applies to the work that I help my clients to do) I have learned how to face and sit with the ways that life is not how it was meant to be, and at the same time how to embrace and relish the joyful freedom that we can all learn to fight for within ourselves. It is this freedom and peace—that we experience through becoming more fully ourselves—which makes life rich and vibrant, in spite of the brokenness in ourselves and others that we must all contend with.

About Transitions Counseling

I believe that we are not static beings, but rather that we are always in the process of growing or becoming more stuck. Thus the metaphor of “transitions”, being in “transition”, etc. resonates with me. The metaphor of “transitions” also relates to the concept of seasons: There are seasons of sadness and seasons of joy. Seasons of chaos and seasons of peace. Seasons of busyness and seasons of rest. Seasons of growth feeling slow and seasons of enjoying the fruits of growth that has occurred. I love getting to walk with others in all of these seasons, helping them to better hear themselves, know themselves and care for themselves. This is what Transitions Counseling is about.

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